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First of all, if you're not in my VIP group, WHY NOT?! That's where all the preclaims happen before they hit the website. If they sell out there, they never make it to the website! Join here.

This item is for use if you have a weekly invoice for my VIP group. Please read the following information very carefully before checking out. Transactions WILL NOT be adjusted. Ask me before you check out if you have any confusion or questions! I am happy to offer this service for you for weekly invoices, but the transaction fee is MUCH higher for me. If it also becomes extra work for me due to errors, I will no longer offer the option for weekly invoices (it will remain on the website).

Sezzle is a Pay-in-4 service. Please read the terms and services on their page for more details. By checking out using Sezzle, you agree to their terms and services. I will ship the jewelry once your first payment is made successfully and Sezzle gives me the all-clear!

No, my website host does not have an invoicing option. If it did, I would be sending them that way already.

Important notes: 

  • Sezzle is ONLY available on orders of $35 or more.
  • Rolling rewards from the VIP group are NOT eligible on Sezzle orders. Buy 12, get the 13th free WILL be honored if all items are in one transaction.
  • Invoices are still due on Friday by 11:59PM EST even if using Sezzle.
  • You may not check out with FEWER items than are on your VIP Group weekly invoice. You are still responsible for the items claimed and may not remove any. You may ADD (see more about this below).
  • Promotions such as tax free on item of the day, etc. will be deducted from your total AFTER checkout in the form of a refund to Sezzle (I have to do it manually).

If you agree to the aforementioned terms, follow these steps:

1. Find your weekly invoice in PayPal (this would also have been sent to your email).

2. Count the total NUMBER of items on your invoice, NOT the dollar amount (if you have earned a VIP group rolling reward, that is not eligible on Sezzle orders so your subtotal will differ). If you do not check out with the correct number of items, invoices will not be adjusted. Only the number of items paid will be shipped; I will choose which items ship. Repeated errors may result in your being ineligible to use the Sezzle service.

3. Using the arrows, adjust your quantity to reflect the NUMBER of items on your weekly invoice. You are NOT adding the same items that you already claimed. If there is anything other than THIS VIP GROUP item on your checkout, I will consider that as an additional claim and you are still responsible for your weekly invoice.

4. If you want to browse the site to add more items to reach free shipping, etc., that's great! You can absolutely do that. Please be sure the NUMBER of items on your weekly invoice and your number of THIS VIP GROUP ITEM match.

5. Checkout using Sezzle.

6. Your PayPal invoice will remain open until I ship your items. That invoice serves as a packing list for me, so I will not delete it until your package has been sent on its way!